The Finest Italian Food and Recipes

Handmade every day, and served to you in minutes

The term Loveria means something “irresistible”, a gastronomic delicacy, for authentic Italian food Lovers.

Loveria™ is a single container with many souls, for a multi‐faceted gastronomic and convivial offer. A project that put delicious food, interior design, and the idea of a place where people come to stay, on the same level. An itinerary of sociality, or rather a concept conceived by a team of Italians to experience the authentic Italian Culture.

Loveria™ is a small mosaic composed by a café, a wine bar, a lounge area with art, fashion and landscapes Italian books and newspapers, and an emporium bookshop where we are proud to select and offer from food products ‐ such as pasta, olive oil, coffee, sweets ‐ to kitchen items and high-end design objects.

The Caffe

Our offer includes the perfect Italian espresso, teas and organic infusions, cakes, cocktails and top quality Italian products.

Our Commitment is to offer an excellent catering service and the highest selected Italian products to our customers.